National Leadership

National Overseer (Administrative Bishop)Bishop John Nathaniel Humes

Bishop John Humes - jpegBishop John Nathaniel Humes and his twin Solomon Humes was born to the parentage of Nathaniel & Alsaida Humes in Nassau, Bahamas. He received his early education at Southern Junior & Senior Schools and St. Anne’s High School. In 1970 he entered the Public Service as a Meteorological Assistant, and during the year of 1971 to 1975 he studied at the Caribbean Meteorological Institute in conjunction with the University of the West Indies in Barbados and the University of Miami and became a meteorologist. He remained there until 1984, when he resigned his position as a Hurricane Forecaster and Senior Meteorologist to enter the Ministry full-time.In October 1975 he was converted and became a member of the Church of God Cathedral, East Street. In 1978 he was commissioned to the Kemp Road Mission.

In 1980 he was appointed a member of the National Youth Board and also an Exhorter upon completion of studies at the Evans-Barr Theological Institute. In 1982 he was appointed National Public Relations Director of the Church of God. In 1984 he was appointed a Licensed Minister and entered the Ministry full-time as Educational Director and Principle of the Evans-Barr Theological Institute after completing his studies in Christian Education at Lee College. Also in 1984 he introduced the Ministerial Internship Program and served as coordinator until 2000.In 1985 he became the Pastor of the Church of God Greater Chippingham and was appointed a Marriage Officer. He received his Master of Theology and was ordained a Bishop of the Church of God in 1988. He was elected to the National Council in 1989 and served intermittently until 2001. He received his Doctor of Theology Degree in 1991 from the Caribbean Ministerial Academy. In 1990 he was appointed District Overseer of Abaco and in 1996 The Northern District Overseer of New Providence. In 1998 he was appointed National Secretary of the Church of God and in March 2002 elected as the National Overseer and Administrative Bishop of the Church of God. He was appointed a Justice of The Peace for the Commonwealth of The Bahamas in December 2002. In April 2007 he was elected President of The Bahamas Christian Council. He is co-chair of the Caribbean Council and member of Empowered 21 Caribbean Cabinet.

He is married to the former Jennie Mae Moncur and the father of four (4) sons, two (2) daughters and three grandsons and three grand daughters

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National Women’s Ministries President Prophetess Jennie Humes

Mother HumesThe sixth and last child of the late William and Irene Moncur, Prophetess Jennie Humes was born on the island of New Providence, Bahamas. She attended Southern Senior and Government High Schools and Skinner Secretarial Collage. She was employed at Scotia Bank (Bahamas) Ltd., for 31 years.On October 9th, 1976 she became the bride of John N. Humes, the young covert whom the Lord had shown her to be her husband. She is the mother of five and one adopted son and the grandmother of one.She has served as Sunday School teacher, Church Clerk and as Women’s Ministries President in various districts; also District President of Abaco, President of Greater Chippingham Church of God, New Providence Northern District and Vice President of the National Women’s Ministries. Presently she is serving as Treasurer of the Church of God Pastors’ Wives Association and President of the National Women’s Ministries of the Church of God.God has called and anointed her for the Prophetic Ministry.

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National Treasurer – Bishop Leslie Woodside

Leslie Woodside 1is a native Bahamian, who was born at Andros. He is married to Agnes Russell and they are blessed with three sons and two daughters . Bishop Woodside joined the Church of God in the early 70′s at Hawksbill and became the pastor of the church in 1979. He received hi license in 1980 and worked his way up in the ministry to being an Ordained Bishop. He servrd as District Overseer of Grand Bahama (twice) and Bimini. He retired in November 2012 as pastor of Fairfield after serving there since 2004. In July he was appointed the National Treasurer after the death of Bishop Charles Dean.

National Secretary- Bishop Moses A. Johnson Sr.

Bishop Moses Johnson

On December 26th, 1959 in the Bluff, Eleuthera, Moses A. Johnson was born. The 6th child of thirteen (13) children it seemed then as it is now he was destined for greatness. He received his early education in Eleuthera, after which he migrated to Nassau to complete his studies. An Ordained Minister, Marriage Officers, Council Member of the East Street Church of God Cathedral, National Council Member of the Church of God, District Coordinator for South Andros, National Treasurer of the Church of God and Senior Pastor of East Street Cathedral as of July 1st, 2003.This young man possesses the quality of a great leader, which is portrayed within the four walls of the sanctuary and in the wider community. Married May 1st, 1982 to the former Ms. Cynthia Cooper, a nursing office at the AIDS Secretariat. They are the proud parents of three (3) children, two (2) sons, Moses A. Johnson Jr., & Mauricio Johnson and one (1) daughter Marisha Johnson.

God has been good to Bishop Moses Johnson “BUT” the best is yet to come.

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National Youth Director – Rev. Eileen Johnson

Eileen Johnson

Rev. Eileen Lenore Johnson comes from a rich heritage of Church of God leaders. She is a fourth generation minister of the Church of God with the lineage of Bishops, Overseers, Evangelists, Teachers and Elders of outstanding contribution to the Church of God.

She is a dedicated and anointed individual, whom the Lord is using in this final hour of the church. With Praise and Worship as her forte, she has been appointed, and given the awesome responsibility of being the church’s first Psalmist. She has also served her church faithfully in the capacity as an evangelist with many souls being won to the Kingdom of God through the teaching and anointed preaching of yielded vessel.

Rev. Johnson is a professional teacher of over 11 years in the governmental school system. She has a BSc. in Education from Saint Paul’s College Lawreneeville Virginia, nd an MA in Counseling Psychology from the Graduate School of Theology Kingston, Jamaica.

She is married to Dr. James S. Johnson a born again believer, and teacher of the Word, an Obstetrician Gynecologist .This couple has three sons (“The Christian Rappers”) James Anwar Jr., Jeron, and Jaden.

Rev. Eileen is the second child of Eric (deceased) & Elder Sybil Deveaux, she has two sisters and two brothers.

Her personal motto:


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Education Director -


National Lifebuilders President , Mike Naim

mike nairnMike Naim

The National Office Administrator – Dr Edna Lopez

Rev. Dr. Edna Lopez is the National Office Administrator and is responsible for the daiy operations at the National Office. Office hours Monday – Friday: 4:30p.m.


The National Council

The following are members of the National Council, which consist of the 3 Executives

John N Humes, National Overseer & Administrative Bishop
Moses Johnson, National Secretary
Leslie Woodside, National Treasurer

and 9 members, who are as follows:

Victor Burrows, Former Education Director
Anthony Campbell of Dundas Town, Abaco
Austraham Hamilton of Grand Turk, TCI
Victor Johnson of New Dimension Ministries, NP
Carl D. Lafrenier of Greater Chippingham, NP

Kirk Smith of  Vision of Hope, NP

Johnny Lowe of Green Turtle Cay, Abaco
Philemon Wilson     of Faith Temple, NP
Carlton Stuart of Lighthouse Fellowship, NP
Edmond Ellis of United COG, Bimini



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